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We are excited to announce a unique opportunity for artists, authors, producers, and creatives from the Middle East to share their rich cultural heritage with the world through animation.

Our challenge invites you to create a pitch bible for a potential animated series aimed at preschool or kids that draws inspiration from the stories, culture, or traditions of the Middle East.


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  • Wacom Tablet (Small)
  • Toon Boom (Storyboard)


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  • Toon Boom (Harmony)


  • First Place: Wacom Tablet + Toon Boom (Harmony)
  • Second Place: Wacom Tablet (Small) + Toon Boom (Storyboard)
  • Third Place: Toon Boom (Harmony)

Challenge Overview

Your pitch bible should not exceed 15 slides in a PDF format, 20Mb maximum and must include:

  • Series Title: Captivate us with a compelling title that reflects the essence of your story.
  • Series Concept: Present a clear and engaging concept that outlines what makes your series unique and appealing to a young audience.
  • Character Descriptions: Introduce us to your main characters. Bring them to life with vivid descriptions of their personalities, roles, and relationships.
  • Environment Descriptions: Describe the settings where your story unfolds. How do these environments contribute to the story or character development?
  • Narrative Structure for an Episode: Outline the structure of a typical episode, including key plot points, to give us a sense of how your stories will be told.

Bonus Points

  • Submissions that include preliminary designs of characters, environments, or mood boards that encapsulate the series' vibe will receive additional consideration. These elements are not mandatory but highly encouraged to make your pitch stand out.
  • This challenge is more than just a competition; it's an opportunity to showcase the depth and richness of Middle Eastern cultures through the universal language of animation. We are looking for innovative ideas that can turn into beloved stories for children worldwide, celebrating diversity and promoting understanding through entertainment.

Ready to share your vision with the world? Join our Middle Eastern Animation Challenge and let's bring cultural stories to life, one animation at a time. 

During the Sharjah Animation Conference, prizes will be awarded to three pitches presented at the end of the challenge.